Saturday, November 10, 2012

Seoul Sabulous

Kafé de Korean  (A Korean-Inspired Outfit)
My friend Pearl recently bought me a sweater from Harvard University and as excited as I was to wear it, I had to think of a way to put a feminine touch on this oversize jumper. Most people think of college-inspired pullovers as comfortable wardrobe essentials you can throw atop some shorts and ugg boots for a casual style, but I decided to be fashionably girly and adventurous and try to transform a simple varsity hoodie into a fashion statement. With the right styling, I think I managed to achieve a completely different look, don't you think? ;)   

Korean fashion has always been about comfy, oversize knits or sweaters piled atop skinny jeans, denim cutoffs or mini skirts, so I decided to get Korean-inspired and pair the Harvard sweatshirt with a 3d floral print high-waist skirt from H&M and GORGEOUS new Prada heels for a sophisticated finish!

Not only did I have a wonderful photo session with my amazing photographer Nectar, I also managed to spend my lazy Saturday afternoon with two of my tea-time favorites: a slice of rocky road cake and iced caramel latte~

Sweatshirt: Harvard University
Skirt: H&M
Heels: Prada 
Shades: Ray Ban Wayfarers 

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