Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Britain

Greetings from England! Yes, I am in the land of sexy British accents, scrumptious international cuisines all blended into one, and shopping that can last me for days! In case you didn't know, I'm here in the UK for 3 months for an international exchange, and I've been loving every moment of it thus far! Everyone is so friendly here, and to be honest, I didn't actually think I would be shopping much when I got here. Oh, how wrong have I been! As a British university student, you are entitled to student discounts on most high street brands, from Topshop to H&M to New Look to Accessorize and the works. It's only been three weeks into the Winter semester, and I have probably spent hundreds of pounds on high street brands already, both online AND offline! One thing I have noticed about the Brits is that they LOVE their leather jackets, so be sure to invest in a stylish, cozy and warm leather jacket, like the one I recently purchased from Topshop, if you wanna blend in! 
Stay tuned for more blog entries to come, because I plan to be sharing with you the beauty of what England and Winter Fashion have to offer! Get ready for posts on Scotland, Amsterdam, Cambridge, and hopefully Sweden! 

What I'm Wearing  
Glitter Sweater: River Island
High Waist Jeggings: River Island  
Faux Fur Rimmed Leather Jacket: Topshop
Bag: Michael Kors 
Flats: New Look 

Keep Warm and Stay Fabulous!

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