Sunday, September 8, 2013

La Femme en Noir

Yeap, I'm back...and this time, I'm back in black for a new brand new blogpost! This week, I decided to head down to The W Hotel at Sentosa Cove for a little high tea treat before heading to work. Speaking of work, I have truly had the blessed opportunity this summer to have two exciting internships, the first being an internship at Cosmopolitan Magazine, and my current internship involves me interning at a radio station as a radio deejay. As a Journalism and Communications student, I could not have asked for anything more. But I'll be sharing more stories on that for a later post. 
I only have about three more weeks in Singapore before I fly off to London for my year long exchange program to the UK and US, and pretty soon you guys will be seeing more Winter posts and picture perfect scenery that I would most definitely love to share with you all! 
That being said, shooting at The W Hotel was so much fun because the decor of the place is simply stunning, lavishly decorated, and if I were to decorate my future home sometime down the road, I would definitely use The W Hotel as a reference of sorts. Even the pool was so enticing that I felt like jumping in with my dress and taking a dip with all the other hotel guests.  
The high tea set is available at the Woobar @ W Singapore and was served in a very intricate manner, with sweet pastries adorning the insides of a metal bird cage, and savory treats presented neatly on a very Zen-esque wooden board. Coffee and tea were free flow, and the iced cappuccino I had was the refreshing perk-me-up I totally needed on a lazy Monday afternoon. Teas served are from the Dilmah tea brand and the Moroccan mint tea was the perfect beverage to cool down after stuffing ourselves with foie gras ganache tarts and passion fruit meringue pastries. 
This perfect afternoon could only end with a photo shoot by the marina before I was whisked away to work. If you're curious to hear how I sound like on-air, you can head on down to and <Listen Live> every weekdays from 6-10pm!

Until the next fashionable entry,
Toodles my loves!  

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