Friday, September 5, 2014

The Calm before the Storm

Summer break has come and gone. And so has my 9 month blogging hiatus. I've been pretty busy these past few months, travelling the world (of which I will share my adventures soon!), attending summer school, travelling a tad more, and finding myself in the final leg of my undergraduate journey in Hong Kong. In case you're wondering, I spent my Junior Year embarking on two study abroad programs in the UK and US respectively. Honestly, they have opened my eyes to the world as a traveler (another blogpost regarding that to come soon!) and have contributed to memories I will never forget. Alas, it's time to get back to Senioritis mode and work my butt off for my final semester here at CUHK. 
Honestly, the past few days have been rough. I miss my friends, my family; my support system. I suddenly feel like the new kid on the block again. Countless Skype sessions and Whatsapp messages later, I feel ready to share some tips on how to survive what I call "The Calm before the Storm" - that unnerving feeling you get before something potentially life-changing is going to hit you in the gut. This post goes out to those who suffer from "Post Withdrawal Exchange Symptoms" in particular. 
Being on your own in a foreign country is no easy feat. I've learnt that since I was 16. The feeling feels particularly unsettling for me this semester. That sense of familiarity within my university has been replaced with a foreign sense of what this 'old' environment means to me. Thankfully, amazing friends here and amazing support from friends and family back home and around the world have meant a lot.  

Pick Up Something Completely Crazy
I know I'd always wanted to do pole dance since my UK uni days, but I've decided to officially enrol in an 8-week pole beginner course here at Melody Pole Studio in Hong Kong. My trial class starts next week, and let's just say, I'm excited as heck! 

Focus, Focus, FOCUS 
The final semester of your undergraduate life is supposed to be chill right? Nu-uh! It's the doorway to a whole new chapter of your life! You have to start applying for jobs, weigh your plans to further your education, build up your resume, and work out your long-term goals. Having just filmed and edited a video introduction for my advertising resume (think Elle Woods applying to Harvard University in Legally Blonde ;]), I'm already planning to take my GMATs this year so that I can apply for Business School next year. Yeap, I'm embarking on the MBA route. I've also got ambitious plans to graduate this semester with fabulous grades, because really, it's all about what you choose to prioritise. Set your goals, and channel all your energy into achieving them. You'll find your time being occupied much easily. 

Reconnect with the Old, Open up to the New
Your best support system is the one that comprises of the people who love and care for you. Keep in touch with the friends you have made over the years, and pretty soon, you'll find those lonely days slowly disappearing with more activities and things to do. Open yourself to new possibilities as well. Make new friends; these people are bound to leave footprints in your heart, one way or another. With one more semester to go, I'd like to think that I try to view myself on exchange here in Hong Kong. Play hard, study hard. I guess that's how the saying goes. ;)

Make it all about YOU
Focus on yourself. Allow for quality ME time, listen to music, meditate (a dear friend once suggested this to me), get a good night's rest, whip up a fancy meal for yourself...just do YOU and what makes you feel good. I know I'll be writing more blogposts and wanderlusting real soon!

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What I'm Wearing  
Bikini Set: Victoria's Secret PINK
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 
Crochet Coverup: Abercrombie and Fitch

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  1. When one door closes, Another will open. The exciting part is you never know what lies within.
    Define Life Time : It is Not the Time in your Life that matters. But the Life in your Time