Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Legs and Leather

So it's been a while, and I cannot believe the long hiatus I have taken from this blog! Like any other university student out there, I have been swamped with work from all corners, but with a HUGE shopping haul and a ton of new clothes and shoes, I am ready to publish more fashion-related posts as of today!
My mummy flew over to Hong Kong this weekend and we spent a wonderful belated birthday celebration for her at The Tea Room in Central. Of course, I HAD to don my Prada babies (which in my opinion are severely underused) and my brand new asymmetrical dress (which I ALSO bought in a salmon pink color), coupled with a leather and jersey jacket combination. Hong Kong is chilly at the moment, but not cold enough to prevent me from showing off some leg, which I love! 

At this very moment, not only am I obsessed with leather and legs, high tea and high heels; I am all for delicate rings (all of my rings are ordered from Etsy.com, a perfect online community to find vintage, handmade trinkets) and turquoise nail polish (hence the new nail color)!

Till the next time,

P.S The first photograph is testament to the fact that although I do love the camera, I still have my moments of utter embarrassment when people across the road are staring at me pose~

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